Present Titles:

Dream Hotel [Yume Hotel] (Memi Hoshino) - two volumes available online (under Romance)
Devil in the Water (Akiko Hatsu) - volume available online (under Horror)
Lucky Star (Shiomi Kouhara) - volume available online (under Romance)
Mourning of Autumn Rain (Akiko Hatsu) - volume available online (under Romance)
Nurse Call (Eriko Okamura) - two volumes available online (under Drama)
Horizon Line (Ikue Ishida) - volume available online (under Romance)
Bride of Deimos [Demon no Hanayome] (Yuuho Ashibe and Etsuko Ikeda) - three volumes available

History is certainly the oddest manga publisher out there today. They produce English translated manga, but make it available in E-book form. This means while you do not read the manga online, you go online, pay for the comic you want, download it to your computer and use a special reader to view it. This has its upsides and downsides. Their manga is usually priced at $2.95 for about 200 pages, a bargain, and the reader is surprisingly user-friendly, the manga quite legible. But to prevent piracy, you are unable to print, copy or even move the manga to another computer. A bit of a problem if you switch computers! (This has already happened to me.)

As for content, that is interesting as well. The titles listed above are the ones that through much digging I've determined were aimed at a female audience.  Most would really qualify more as josei.  Don't be surprised if you haven't heard of many of them, the only manga I knew when I first went to their site was Maico 2010, (which has been animated.)  The titles mix from death-obsessed horror, to light romance, to medical melodrama.  Lucky Star and Horizon Line are shounen-ai works.

They have started to sell hard copy version of their more popular manga (Maico and Kazan are the first.)  A better system for announcing updates to the site would be ideal.  At minimum, they have one more volume of Dream Hotel lined up, we'll see what they do after that.

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