Present Titles:

Let's Stay Together Forever [Zutto issho ni iyou ne] (Tomoko Taniguchi) - Graphic novel available.

Past Titles:

Call Me Princess [Hime tte yonde ne!] (Tomoko Taniguchi) - Ran monthly, collected volume available
Aquarium (Tomoko Taniguchi) - Completed its six issue run in September 2001, collected available
Record of Lodoss War : Deedlit's Tale (Setsuko Yoneyama and Ryo Mizuno) - ran monthly for seven issues, concluding the first volume.  The second volume came out as a graphic novel January 2003.  Two collected volumes available
Princess Prince (Tomoko Taniguchi) - started running monthly in October 2000, was to be eight issues, then was to be sixteen, but with the move to GN only 13 were published.  Collected volume available.


CPM Manga, a relative newcomer in the field, announced the creation of a new shoujo line with the publication of Tomoko Taniguchi's Call Me Princess.  This was met with a resounding "huh?" since most were unfamiliar with the title.  Since then, they have published two more Taniguchi works, but beyond that the future of their shoujo line seems uncertain, particularly since it appears to be the brainchild of an editor who has since left the company.  The fact that Princess Prince will now run twice as long as originally planned is a good sign.

CPM has struggled in the past with printing problems affecting the appearance of some books.  However, since this mostly applied to screen-tone heavy works, it had no effect on their shoujo titles, which are reproduced beautifully.  All their shoujo titles have featured at least one alternate cover by a top American female comic artist, a unique approach to reach out to new readers.

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