Other Publishers

Fanboy Inc.

Spellbound - (Tomoko Taniguchi) Three issue series actually being created for the American market, but it is by a shoujo artist . . . ARGHH!! Don't know if it really belongs here, but oh well.  First issue is out.  However, further issues seem to have been canceled along with everything else by the company.

Dark Horse/Studio Proteus

Have never done any shoujo, do not appear to have any planned


Vampire Miyu - Looking for information on this, they no longer publish translated manga.  I have the first issue, labeled one of six.  The six published make up the first volume, which at the time was the only volume! I do not believe it was ever collected. Anybody know anything else, please e-mail the address below.

Note - The contents of these issue have been released in a new format by Ironcat.  Information in the specific volume can be found here.

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