My Shoujo Page FAQ

My Shoujo Page FAQ

  1. So what is Shoujo?
  2. Isn't it spelled Shojo (or Sh˘jo)?
  3. Why don't you have [insert name here] on the list?
  4. Why is [insert name here] on the list?
  5. Why is Four Shoujo Stories out of print?
  6. Where can I buy this stuff?
  7. Wasn't Mixx going to publish Karekano?
  8. What is the correct order of the X/1999 collections?
  9. So, why is X/1999 being suspended/cancelled?
  10. How does TOKYOPOP publish their manga now anyway?
  11. What is happening with Princess Prince? (and other CPM titles)

So what is Shoujo?

Oh boy, that question.  Well the word "shoujo" literally means girl.  So when we talk about shoujo manga, it really just means manga aimed at girls.  By girls this means anywhere from six to about eighteen in age (different magazines aim at different age groups.)  Manga for college-age women is generally called "josei."  I have no clue what manga for older, married women is called. <sweatdrops>

For more information on shoujo manga in general, I suggest you go to the expert's web page, that would be Matt Thorn's.

The Shoujo Manga Homepage - Japanese Girls' and Women's Comics

It hasn't been updated in a while, but it has the most information on the "genre" as he has literally studied it for years.

1/9/01 - He updated!!  Some, but see he still cares!

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Isn't it spelled Shojo (or Sh˘jo)?

Well, if you want to be technical, it's really spelled 少女 or written out in kana it's しょうじょ, so anything written with "Latin" characters is merely an approximation.  Depending on what romanization scheme you apply, all those spellings are acceptable.  I don't use "sh˘jo" only because not all browsers handle that character very well, especially in titles.  I avoid "shojo" since not only does it fail to represent the long "oh" sound, I always read it as "virgin," and that's not what my page is about!!

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Why don't you have [insert name here] on the list?

Because its probably not shoujo.

Oh My Goddess! (Ah! Megamisama) - seinen AKA young men's comic, yeah its cute, its central theme is romance, and it has a fairly decent female following in the US, but its not shoujo.

Gundam Wing - it may be girl-friendly, but the show itself, and its manga adaptation aren't shoujo.  If it was the characters would talk a whole lot more. ^_^

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Why is [insert name here] on the list?

Because it really is shoujo.

Gundam Wing: Ground Zero - unlike the adaptation manga, this puppy is shoujo.  Not only was it published in a shoujo magazine, just look at it!!  Flowers!  Lots of talking!  Cute Heero/Relena story!!

Lodoss War: Deedlit's Tale- pretty much the same thing applies here as in Ground Zero, they decided to make a shoujo manga for whatever reason!

Short Program - it is listed on the compilation page by virtue of two stories, Plus One and Murasaki, both ran in Ciao!, a shoujo publication.  The rest of the stories (wonderful as they are) ran in various shounen magazines.

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Why is Four Shoujo Stories out of print?

Boy, I wish I knew.  It appears to be a rights problem.  Matt Thorn will tell you if you buy him enough drinks, but given that he is in Japan, that makes it difficult!  ^_^;;;

If you find a copy of this book, buy it, don't think twice, buy it!

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Where can I buy this stuff?

Support your local comic store!!  (Check The Master List to find one near you.)  But failing that . . . The ISBN list should help you order the collections from any major bookstore, online or off.  Plus most collections can be ordered directly from the company that publishes them.  Both Animerica Extra and Pulp can be subscribed to.  Smile used to offer subscription but apparently that is no longer the case.  Check out the company web links on the collections page.

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Wasn't Mixx going to publish Karekano?

During Summer of 2000, word got out that Mixx had the rights to Kareshi Kanojou no Jijou, and would be translating it as He Said, She Said.  Even a sample cover was made available.  However this news was jumping the gun.  By ComicCon, Mixx announced they had not been able to get the rights.  So no Karekano from Mixx, and at the moment, not from anyone.  Which is a darn shame!

UPDATE: Tokyopop just announced it again at the San Diego Comic Con.  Plan is for it to run in Smile however no definate start date has been given.

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What is the correct order of the X/1999 collections?

They are as follows :

  1. Prelude
  2. Overture
  3. Sonata (this is when they finally started numbering!)
  4. Intermezzo
  5. Serenade
  6. Duet
  7. Rhapsody
  8. Crescendo
  9. Requiem (forthcoming)
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So, why is X/1999 being suspended/cancelled?

I'll just quote the Viz Press Release the second one:

Due to protracted licensing problems, Viz has decided to remove 
X/1999 from the lineup of its monthly manga-anthology 
magazine Animerica Extra. "Without a contract, we can't publish, 
and we still have no idea when we'll have a signed contract 
in-hand,"  said Animerica Extra's editor Bill Flanagan. "I don't 
want to cancel it, but we have to coordinate each issue with quite 
a few different freelance translators, letterers, rewriters and 
others. We can't leave everybody up in the air forever." So the 
search is on for another format that will best serve the manga 
series. "We all love CLAMP's work," comments X/1999 editor 
Julie Davis, "We've brought it back twice before, and the minute 
we have a contract, we'll find a way to continue the X/1999 series 
againůbut for now we have to wait until it's legal to publish."

This is the original PR:

X/1999 SUSPENDED IN ANIMERICA EXTRA The serialization of X/1999 has been suspended in the manga anthology Animerica Extra starting in Volume 4, Number 5. We apologize for the suspension, especially during a crucial point in the plot, but we must adhere to the terms in our contract for publishing X/1999. Our licensing department is working to bring the title back to Animerica Extra for Volume, 4, Number 9 and to be sure that this type of problem can be prevented in the future.

And now, its back.  Graphic novel form only.  The long delayed volume 7 came out late May, and eight is due in August.  The "brand new" volume nine is due around December.

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How does TOKYOPOP publish their manga now anyway?

On paper! Ha ha! No, really...

In July of 2001, TOKYOPOP announced a shift in how they were going to publish manga.  This change went into affect with their new titles starting around August and September of 2001.

New manga titles will come out in single issue format for 4 to 6 issues.  This will make up the first volume.  It will then be collected and subsequent volumes will come out in trade paperback form only.  If a title is to run in Smile, it will do so for 6 months to a year, before switching over to the TPB only format.  Their goal appears to be to make this TPB come out monthly - or close to monthly.

An example of this new system is Corrector Yui.  Four monthly issues came out between September and December of 2001.  In January of 2002, Vol. 1 - collecting those four issues is due.  In March of 2002, Vol. 2 is due.  Vol. 3 and so on will come out afterwards.

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What is happening with Princess Prince? (and other CPM titles)

To begin, various changes have happened at CPM Manga, the end result being that all their titles are now Graphic Novel only.  This transition is taking a while, so its not just these shoujo series that are suddenly seeming to disappear.

Princess Prince was scheduled to be an 8 issue series, which would eventually be collected into a graphic novel, similar to Call Me Princess and Aquarium (though you'll note it too a looooooong time for Aquarium to be collected.)

Then things changed some, 8 more issues were announced, because there were some PP stories that had never been collected in Japan (not enough for a second volume though) and CPM was going to publish those AND some new stories by Taniguchi.

So those were the latest issue that came out.

THEN several things seemed to happen behind the scenes, including CPMs decision to go GN only and delays with the new stories. So presumably CPM will collect it some day - they also announced another Taniguchi series but then yanked it in the wake of the GN only decision.

But when? And how many volumes? And did the new stories ever get drawn? We don't know. But if I get any answers, I'll be sure to spread the word.

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