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Welcome to my page devoted to the wonder that is shoujo manga.  Well, specifically what little of it has been published in English in the US.  But things are on the upswing, and there is no better way to make it better than to increase readership!

Wondering what's new?  Jump here.

How to increase readership?  Inform!  At least I hope so.  The goal is to list every shoujo manga ever published in the US here, right now they are listed by company, currently running titles first.  Included is a brief history of the company's shoujo track record.

There is also a page listing all collected volumes (graphic novels, trade paperbacks), since many people prefer to collect them that way.

Updates : (3/26) Rumors, we got your rumors

Does Viz have Hana Yori Dango and Wedding Peach?  B&N is letting your order them. . .

(3/3) Pick ONE gosh darn it

So the latest news blast from TP goes on and on about the fact that with what should be volume 9 of Peach Girl, its being renamed (Peach Girl : Change of Heart) and going all unflopped.  Then they announce several titles with some of the weirdest renames I've seen in a while.  And then after two confirms, they say its a different X-Day (one by Yumi Tamura) they are publishing . . .

Color me confused.

Anyway - as far as the new stuff goes its Forbidden Dance by Hinako Ashihara - which was originally known as Tenshi no Kiss in Japan and Confidential Confessions by Reiko Momochi - which are actually three of her books (Memai, Namida and Tobira).  After staring at that for a while I screamed as I realized I buy her books in Japanese for a friend.  So these are actually Kodansha Dessert titles, so they have a slightly . . . older bent.

Now to figure out which X-Day. -_-;

(2/25) As far as oversights go . . .

Somehow I forgot to include Tokyopop having Vampire Game.  Back to paying work . . .


Your humble webmistress begs forgiveness.  First it was the rush to get to Katsucon (where she somehow got roped into a shoujo panel and cosplay) - then she was TRAPPED along with most of the rest of the con.  So that meant the new comics list got updated real late ;_; and some announcements slid.  But anyway.


Bimonthly graphic novel release, unflipped and at a $10 price point.  Color me ecstatic.  Basara has been one of my all time favorites, but at 27 volumes, I wondered if they would tackle it. WAI WAI WAI.

In other news - X-Day apparently is a shoujo manga, and IC Entertainment (formerly Ironcat - and still known as such here till things get a major overhaul) has announced two more works by Narumi Kakinouchi, My Codename is Charmer and The Wanderer (the latter being in the same world as her Vampire series) and Ren Ai by Yun Kouga (of Earthian fame).

(1/28) Tokyopop licenses the world, Viz turns it upside down

I'm really tired and I just realized this is gonna take a lot longer than I thought to get all the relevant info across the site.  So I'll just list things here.

TP has announced (either on their page, or by hints, or by insane game on AnimeonDVD:

  • FAKE
  • Gravitation
  • Pet Shop of Horrors
  • Wild Act
  • Junikyu de Tsukamaete (Zodiac Detective)
  • A selection of works by Erica Sakurazawa
    • Angel
    • Angel Nest
    • Rule of Love
    • Between the Sheets
    • The Aromatic Bitters
    • Nothing But Loving You

They also announced at title called X-Day, which may be a shoujo manga by that name. But I don't know that yet.

As if that wasn't giving me heart attacks, Peach Girl is going the same route as CCS and going "100% Authentic" with what would have been volume 9.  It will now be called (though this could change) Peach Girl : Change of Heart.  Bleh.  As much as I'm for unflipped manga, I do not like changing formats midstream.  Sloppy, messy and confusing.

Which leads to Viz.  While details are still coming in on the extent of changes there, I can reasonably report the following.  Their only currently serialized as a monthly comic, Ceres, will stop at the end of volume 4.  Indications are it will be GN only.  Several series are being reissued at a lower price point - typically $8.95 and in a smaller size.  These include FY and X/1999.  Since volumes 8 of FY and 10 of X/1999 are being solicited at that price - it seems future volumes will be sized that way.

My poor shelves.

New comics list is up to date, more updates as the week goes by.

(1/8)  Vacation time wreaks havoc with ability to update.  New page is updated with the horde that came out last week.  I grovel before you.

(12/17) Believe it or not - I've not been ignoring the site.  Almost - but not quite!  Being busy and having a hiccup in how I could update messed things up for a while though.  Anyways - many new dates, ISBNs, new titles - like Tokyo Mew Mew, Cowboy Bebop : Shooting Star and Happy Mania - a josei title - WOW - all from Tokyopop, etc etc.  Should get a bit more done later this week after hitting the comic store.

(10/24) I have no clue why this page looked like hell. But its fixed now.

(9/13) I have no idea why - as it wasn't on any ship list - but Vampire Yui Vol. 4 $6 showed up at my store.  Its a new issue - so if you are buying the series - be on the look out.

In other news - I am aware at the amount of mistakes in TP and other collections.  I am trying to come up with a good way to fairly report what they are and what (if anything) you can do about not getting messed up copies.  But forgive me - I still have two con reports to do!

(9/5) Sorry for the late new comics update - but with AXNY @_@  At least the comics don't come out till Thursday this week.  Not listed but of interest to many are the second CCS artbook and the first Rayearth artbook.  Funny thing is the first CCS artbook has never shipped through Diamond.  Where have I heard this song before?

(8/15) Wow, TP must like to torture me.  So they update their page, and got a bunch of new dates and confirmed some others (odd how all their shoujo stuff is on their now, but not the shounen . . .)

AND - a new date for Kare Kano.  No really.  January 2003.  But I'll believe it when that book is in my hands.

AND - A new release for Rayearth.  Read about it here.  And if you were thinking of buying the series, wait.  The first three books really did need a clean up.  They say a "new edit"  I hope its a new translation.

(8/13) Sorry the new list was late - Diamond screwed up.  Mother lode of TP stuff this week -_-; Its like happy fun shoujo time, and my wallet weeps.

(7/14) So AX has passed, I'm almost caught up - let's see what was relevant.

• Comicsone surprised me with an older shoujo horror work Bride of Deimos which will be published unflipped
• CPM does intend to collect Princess Prince.  Whether it will be one volume or two is not known yet, and it won't be till 2003, but it is coming.  It will be in the new smaller size.
• Viz announced a date for the first Chicago collection - also a Fushigi Yuugi artbook for those who are interested.
• Karekano really is still in the works, though "many parties" have a say in it - which seems to be delaying it. I got a sample chapter of Wish.  It looks pretty good, they thankfully did NOT translate the names.  Kohaku doehave a gender - which is sure to upset some people.

(7/10) Really quick update for the shipping books, more info from AX and what not after I get some sleep and update the license list over at AoD, which thanks to AX, is gonna take awhile

(6/30) Quick notes - looks like Ceres 3.1 didn't ship, despite being on the ship list, even trusty Handley's didn't get it in.  And I'm off to AX soonish.  Should be able to update the ship list right before I go, but the next week will be a teensy late.

(6/26) Hmmm, August through October are good months for Vampires.  Miyu 3 in August, the LONG AWAITED Yui Vol. 2 in September and AT LONG LAST Dhalia in October.  Yum.

(6/18) Ceres 2 has a date now, probably some more TP date scrambles, Princess Princecollection shows up in CPM's catalog, but no date attached (and their manga has been set to October 2002.)  And TP continues it weird distribution trick, so several of their titles due out this week came out in bookstores already.

(6/4)  New comics list updated, late I'm afraid.  Light couple of weeks though.  I'm away from home with a flaky computer!

(5/27) Well, I finally updated the collections list with the newest release dates I could find.  You should pop over there - a lot was changed.  Grrrrr, delays.  Still no work on when (if ever) Karekano will resurface, figures.  I also added a note to the FAQ about CPM and Princess Price, since it kept being asked.

If I'm late doing update for the next two weeks, its cause I'm in Texas and the computer is wonky there.  Till then, enjoy, buy shoujo, whatever.  ^^

(5/14) A trip to may inform you that none of the dates I have up for their upcoming titles is valid anymore.  In fact some titles - like Karekano seem to have fallen off the face of the earth.  Unfortunately, I have had no time to dig through it all and fix the dates.  So for now - ignore them all and expect an update this weekend at the earliest. Gomen.

(4/16) Rejoice Banana Fishfans!  For though Pulp is coming to an end, it will live on - in the pages of Animerica Extra no less.  Course there will be a gap (August is the last issue of Pulp and it won't start serialization in AE till December) and we haven't heard if another collected volume will come out in the interim, but still, GOOD NEWS!!!!

(4/10) Several notes :

• Sorry about the lack of a new manga update last week!  But if I had to miss a week - that was it - there was nothing.
• Several new dates up in collections. Some are more tentative than others - given the source.
• According to the latest Previews magazine - the June issue of Smile will be the last.  While I can see why this is - with TOKYOPOP's move to all-GN and unflopped, it is still a sad day, as it was the only all-shoujo anthology and introduced many people to series they may never have considered.
• According to an as yet unconfirmed report, the August issue of Pulp will be the last.  While it only has one shoujo title (Banana Fish) this is still disheartening - as we don't know the fate of that title AND now there will only be two manga anthologies in the US.  Depressing.
• It appears TOKYOPOP has CLAMP's Wish.
• Any suggestions what to do with Shaolin Sisters (Fuun Sanshimai LIN3)?  It is a sequel series to Juline - but it ran (runs?) in a shounen magazine!  I'm so confused!  Bad Kodansha! No cookie! (TOKYOPOP will be translating it BTW)

(3/25) Killer week for new manga.  My wallet is taking a hit!  Also got a few new dates, details on the return of X/1999.  Woo!

(2/19) Added some new collections dates - including the first volumes of Kodocha and Karekano (let's see if that really happens.

If you look at this week's ship list - you'll see Juline Vol. 4.  Yes, vol. 3 has never shown up on the ship list.  Someone at Diamond needs a nice kicking, I'm gonna end up having to buy it at a bookstore.

And in happy news, Viz announced at Katsucon that they reacquired the rights to X (X/1999).  No word on when and where it will resume publication.

(2/4) If you didn't notice a bunch of dates for collections were added from the latest Previews.  Because Tokyopop is trying to kill me.  Also should not that though Juline Vol. 3 has yet to show up in comic stores, it has shown up in some bookstores.  I hate when that happens.

(1/28) Well Kodocha is on the ship list this week.  Woo hoo!

(1/23) Kodocha - is it out? Isn't it?  It showed up on a shipping list, but then slipped off it . . . then showed up at Jim Hanley's Universe (so I have it) - but it is still not on a shipping list . . . so your store may or may not be getting it . . . more when I have more info.

(1/9) Major apologies - with the changed ship date, my trip to Houston and then my return home - the New Releases have fallen behind - I'm leaving up some older info for this week as I play catch-up.

(12/28) I know this page has been up for a year now, but I can't for the life of me remember when it went up.  Anyways - lots of new dates on the collections pages, a new question for the FAQ, a teensy bit to tweaking.  Hopefully more after my other page is back up-to-date.

(11/26) Update : Some stores got it in Magical Pokémon Journey Vol. 6 #1 a week early for some reason.  Almost all stores should have the last 2 volumes of Sailor Moon now (I need to go buy 11 myself) CPM will be releasing another Tomoko Taniguchi title in 2002, Let's Stay Together Forever.  More later, I think

(11/2) I hold in my hands Sailor Moon Stars #3.  Which is really volume 18.  Which is oddly not the last volume published here - that would be 11.  But some smaller stores having gotten this volume in yet.  And now larger stores are getting in 11.  What gives?  Is someone trying to cheap the little guys now that its proven SM TPBs sell?  Scary

(10/26) Having snagged some TPBs today I added their ISBNs to the collections lists.  I still trying to figure out what is up with Sailor Moon Stars #3, I've seen it at bookstores - but never saw it on a comic shipping list - and it hasn't made it to my store yet either.  Hmm.  More as I find out.  Also trying to nail down those Tokyopop manga announcements - as one is shoujo . . . Cowboy Bebop.  Go figure.

(9/25) I know some pages are in need of a major overhaul and I'm working on it.  And my not buying the Yui GN this weekend is upsetting.  But Viz announced that Yumi Tamura's  Chicago will be running in AE starting in December. (She is best known for Basara) Also the Miyu series from Ironcat begins its run in that same month - graphic novel only and unflopped too.  AND Marmalade Boy starts then too!  What a month.

Did you notice that Sailor Moon just finished its American run?  While two collections have yet to be published - all 18 volumes were translated and serialized - certainly a milestone!

Also added some new release dates for collections.

(8/18) Should have mentioned that Ironcat announced they had the rest of the Miyu manga at Otakon, huh?  Oh I moved too - did you notice?

(7/26) Tokyopop bumped up the start dates for Mars and Planer Ladder to October.

(7/20) Tokyopop announces Karekano, again.  Woo.  I should write something about their new manga plans, but I'm tired.

(7/16) Back from Shoujocon - new dates in collections mostly.

(7/10) Tokyopop announcements from AX have been incorporated into their page.

(7/3) X/1999has officially been dropped from the Animerica Extra line-up.  While Viz does want to continue publishing it - the lack of a contract prevents them.  This sucks.

(6/21) New ISBNs since new books are out, plus a date for Corrector Yui.  Both MKRand New Miyu are complete now!  Also got a couple of new release dates for collections

(6/18) Doing some navigation tweaking - esp. for the menu that was driving me nuts.  Expect more changes to come!

(6/14) Catching up - got all my books - Clover TPB looks beautiful.

(6/12) First and formost - the Corrector Yui manga TP has is NOT the one by Kia Asamiya.  I'll link to the PR about that tomorrow.  And the Dragon Knights manga they picked up isshoujo.  Expect more updates in the next couple of days as I settle back in.

(5/27) TP is out to give me heart attacks and take my money.  Now they announce two shoujo powerhouses - Marmalade Boy and Kodocha.

The "what's coming out" list is usually updated Monday nights

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